Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Me and my daddy

Today has been a great day already.  I feel like I can talk to my daddy just about anything.  Today we're on the phone talking about the bible.  I just feel soo blessed to have parents that are saved and educate their children on the bible. Curiosity was all over the phone.  My ear was tuned in listening while my daddy tell me things I never understood and how I can apply it to my everyday life.  One thing we were talking about was Moses.  Since the Ten Commandments is one of my daddy favorite movies  he watched it billions of times.  So of course Moses spoke to the people his self.  So the question was, in the bible it says that Moses asked Aaron to speak to the people.  Soo why did Aaron speak to the people instead of Moses.  Come to find out Moses had a studdering problem (trouble with his speech)(Exodus 4:10-16) and Aaron was one of the ones that could understand him.  I never knew that.  Its crazy how a movie can twist and turn different scriptures in the bible. A lot of things I have questions about and I am determine to get the answer!!!!!  The Bible is a wonderful book and millions of stories and questions.  Everyone should take time out a read it.  It might take you a while but at least try!!!!!

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