Monday, October 31, 2011

Text message

Have you ever got a random text from someone and that message made your day.  Well that just happened to me.  Eyes lighted up and a smile came across my mouth instantly.  At least I know they still care.  Three of us came to a conclusion of names we made up for people we know quite so well including the one who text me randomly.  Fish and snickers.  It just cracks me up of the things we come up with.  The world can be soo nosey tho that's why we have to disguise it.  But my day has been very blessed.  Our cross country team (men) came in second and (women) came in third.  That is a real blessing for our team.  Even though its a rainy day I can still put a smile on my face, because that has made my day.  Sooo I hope everyone has a blessed and encourage day :)!!!!

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